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Open message to the SAAM membership

Over a number of years I have had the pleasure of serving on the SAAM Board of Directors. I have also served as the Tournament Director for the USAA National Indoors since SAAM began running this tournament.  It has been a rewarding and challenging experience. I have also made a number of new friends over the years.  A core group of four SAAM BOD members have been involved with all aspects of day to day running of the organization and played a large part in putting SAAM on a firm financial footing.  This core group include Bill Proctor, Donald Farland, Verna Semple and myself. We will continue to be involved with SAAM this year and the running of the 2016 National Indoors to be held again in Fiskdale, MA.  But this will be my last year as the Tournament Director for this shoot.  I, along with the three other longtime BOD members that I names above, will be resigning from the SAAM BOD for different personal reasons.  We will all continue to be involved with archery in the future, but in different ways.  We all need a change.

This change is an opportunity for new people to come in and get involved with running  SAAM.  As I mentioned, MA has one of the strongest, if not the strongest, state archery organization.  We all want this to continue and will stay involved on the sidelines to make it a smooth transition.  So this letter is a call for members to step forward into the SAAM BOD and grow it into the future.  From my personal experience it can be challenging but very rewarding.

I along with Bill, Donald and Verna will be at upcoming MA outdoor tournament and can answer any questions you may have.  We look forward talking to you.

Richard K. Hart

Member, SAAM Board of Directors.





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47th US National Indoor Championship

2016 JOAD National Indoor Championship

Tantasqua Regional High School

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Buckley Family Archery 2016 Warm Up

Hosted by Buckley Family Archery

February 5, 6, 7, 2016


47th US National Indoor &

2016 JOAD Indoor Championships

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February 19-21, 2016


Indoor Archer’s Cup – 2016

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March 11-13, 2016


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Date:  February 19-21, 2016

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Location:  Fiskdale, MA

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